Hair Extensions

ZIPLOXX Hair Extensions are a game-changer that celebrates a bold new era of health, eco-awareness, speed and safety in the history of hair extensions.



Risk-free. Worry-free. Pure liberation for hair extension addicts

Worry-Free for Hair Extension Addicts


For the first time in the history of extensions, ZIPLOXX is damage-free, comfortable to wear as well as healthier for the scalp and hair, its main priority. In the past, this has been a serious concern among hair extension addicts as well as new users worried about the risks of traction alopecia with extended wear.

Endless Zips. Eco-Conscious with No Waste.
This new weightless option can be used an unlimited number of times, thanks to the patented ZIPLOXX application system, making it an eco-conscious option that eliminates any waste of precious hair. As a result, hair extensions now last dozens, sometimes hundreds of times longer than ever imagined as they are used and reused. They transform into an enduring accessory, changeable at whim.