Welcome to Beauty in Corporate.


Beauty in Corporate was founded in 2019 by Nino Tvalchrelidze. 

Nino is an esthetician, Makeup Artist and Advanced Makeup Instructor. 

She has been a professional Makeup Artist and Esthetician for over seven years. She graduated from The Aveda Insitute of NY and Makeup Designory with more than 1,200 hours of hands on training. She has extensive knowledge in a variety of media modes including print, film, commercials and theater. Her more specialized skills include hair styling, period work, wig application, and special effects makeup.
Nino moved to NYC from the Republic of Georgia. She was influenced by the culture, art, and fashion; this led her to pursue her passion for the makeup industry. She also excels at teaching SPFX, Bridal, Beauty, and Photography Makeup classes.